36 Best Deodorant for Men to Feel Fresh All Day

We will share with you the best deodorant for men that men can use for a daily basis and smell fresh all day long. What makes a man flawless is not just how he dresses and carries himself in front of others, but there are many other factors that are looked upon. A man’s dress isn’t complete if he is not smelling nice or not wearing a pleasant smelling fragrance. It is a fact that if men smell bad they feel uncomfortable. Sweating all day would make you look bad in front of the people you meet all day long. Whether it is an early morning lecture of an afternoon meeting with the clients if you don’t look fresh you lose confidence.

Best deodorant for men

Why do we Use Deodorant?

Some people have a neutral body odor and some have a strong body odor, so to subside the strong body odor one can use deodorants and walk with confidence. You might not know it but your sweat doesn’t smell, the smell comes from the body bacteria, so if you try to control sweat you won’t be able to fight off the smell. Men use perfumes, deodorants sticks, roll on and many other products to fight off the smell. It is advisable to keep changing your best deodorant for men in every 6 months as the body odor might become resistant to your deodorant and no matter how much you try to spray deodorant you won’t get rid of the smell.

Which Deodorant to Pick?

There are many reasons as to why you sweat and smell, it could be because of the weather conditions or after a heavy workout at the gym. There are many more reasons but a good deodorant will help you kill all the smell. But the most difficult task that a man might face is to decide which deodorant to choose and how to decide which brand is nice? Which deodorant is long-lasting? Well, you don’t have to worry about anything now; we are sharing with you the best deodorant for women, which could make you smell amazing and fight off bad odor for you.

 Famous Company of deodorant for men:

SN Company Name View all
#01 All-Natural View all
#02 All-Toilette spray View all
#03 Eau De Parfum View all
#04 Arm & Hammer View all
#05 AXE View all
#06 Calvin Klein View all
#07 Carolina Herrera View all
#08 Certain Dri View all
#09 Clinique View all
#10 Crystal View all
#11 Degree View all
#12 Donna Karan View all
#13 Dove View all
#14 Estee Leuder View all
#15 Every Man Jack View all
#16 Gillette View all
#17 Giorgio View all
#18 Harban cowboy View all
#19 Herme’s View all
#20 Jason View all
#21 Kiss My Face View all
#22 Lady Speed Stick View all
#23 Lavanila View all
#24 Mitchum View all
#25 Natural Gate View all
#26 Nivea View all
#27 Old Spice View all
#28 Organic Fields of heather View all
#29 Oscar de la renta View all
#30 Paco Rabonne View all
#31 Polo Black View all
#32 Primal pit paste View all
#33 Right Guard View all
#34 Schmidt’s Deodorant View all
#35 Secret View all
#36 Speed Stick View all
#37 Suave View all
#38 Thierry Mugler View all
#39 Tom’s of maine View all
#40 Ursa Major View all

Top Popular best deodorant for men:

#01. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant Stick, Twin Pack

The first option in our list is the Dove Men + Care Extra Care Fresh Antiperspirant Stick has a scent which helps you smell fresh for up to 48 hours. It helps protect the skin from any kind of irritation. It acts hard only on the sweat, not on your skin. It’s perfect for the people who are busy and want to feel fresh the whole day.

Dove Men+Care

Product Specifications

  • 48-hour long-lasting fragrance.
  • Strong on sweat, soft on the skin.
  • Causes no irritation on the skin.

#02. Gillette Endurance Antiperspirant and Deodorant

It is a great option for people, who stay on a busy schedule and want to smell amazing all day long. It comes with triple protection formula that provides all-day safety from sweat and odor. The deodorant has Active Odor blocker which makes a person feel fresh and refreshed all day long.

Gillette Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Triple protection formula to protect against odor.
  • All day fresh smell.
  • Active odor blocker for the fresh feeling.
  • Fights strongly against sweat.

#03. Degree Men Dry Protection 48 Hour Antiperspirant, Cool Rush

The awesome scent of the product and its ability to make a person feel fresh all day long is the main reason why this product could make its way into the Best deodorant for men list. This product is just spectacular as the product lasts for 24hours and provides protection against body odor for a complete day. This deodorant has a refreshing scent that will suit all body types.

Degree Men

Product Specifications

  • Keeps you dry all day long.
  • Best for people who work out or are engaged in outdoor sports.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • 24hour protection against sweat and body odor.

#04. JASON Unscented Deodorant For Men

If you believe in all natural products and want to stay away from the harsh chemicals, then this product is the answer for you. Jason Unscented deodorants are an odorless clinically tested deodorant, which helps you fight against the strong body odour all day long. The deodorant has Corn Starch, Baking Soda, and Zinc Ricinoleate as the main components which help against sweating.

JASON Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • All natural deodorant.
  • Causes no harm to the body.
  • Protects from body odor and sweat all day long.
  • Grapefruit seed attracts, which helps to fight against odor causing bacteria.

#05. Old Spice High Endurance Aerosol Pure Sport Scent Men’s Anti…

The best of classic old spice scent this anti-pespirant deodorant helps fight against the bad body odor and gives a fresh fragrance all day long. Old spice being the leaders in the men’s market has launched this amazing product for men. It has a very refreshing smell that would give confidence to any man and also would keep them dry from sweat all day long.

Old Spice deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Keeps you fresh all day long.
  • Odor protection.
  • The awesomeness of Old Spice.

#06. AXE Antiperspirant Stick for Men, Apollo

This product is a part of Apollo men grooming product, the great freshness and 24-hour antiperspirant stick is just perfect for all men. This is a deodorant stick which can be applied to armpits and it would not make you sweat or smell bad for the day, It comes in a cleanly sophisticated pack and easily applicable.

AXE Antiperspirant

Product Specifications

  • 24-hour odor and sweat protection.
  • Masculine and addictive fragrance.
  • Antiperspirant product keeps you fresh all day long.

#07. ORGANIC 101 Cedarwood Spice USDA Certified, All Natural…

One of the top rated options from Best deodorant for men, this product by Organic 101 is a customer’s delight; it not only has a soothing scent but also provides a fresh feeling all day long. The products that are used in making this deodorant is all natural and active products to help protect people with sensitive skin from causing harm. Completely mild product fights against body odor and is very soft on the skin. Organic 101 has used all natural formulation to make this product this effective and body responsive.

ORGANIC 101 deodorant

Product Specifications

  • USDA Certified products used in the production of the deodorant.
  • All natural products.
  • Causes no harm to the skin.
  • Doesn’t leave any stain on the clothes.
  • Natural Formulation Technology to help to control the body odor causing bacteria.
  • Keeps you fresh all day long.

#08. Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant…

The word “Antiperspirant” is the main selling word for this deodorant. Antiperspirant means prevent sweating.  And this the best anti sweating deodorant you will find now. It’s clinically proven non irritant formula protect your skin against irritation. While defending the sweat and odor, this dove men deodorant hydrates your under the skin and reduce irritation. And who loves refreshing scent all over your body around the whole day, Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant is available in various range of scents: Extra Fresh, Cool Fresh, Cool Silver, Aqua Impact, and Clean Comfort. And the last but not least, using this deodorant give you confidence and give you sweat and odor protection up to 48 hours. From our customers and review unit this is the best men’s antiperspirant deodorant you can find in the market right now.

Dove Men depdprant

Product Specifications

  • Anti-sweating
  • Clinically tested no irritant formula
  • 48 hours of protection from sweat and odor
  • ¼ moisturizer technology
  • Variants of some good and high-quality scents


We hear many men like stick deodorant for their daily use as it is easy to use and portable. People use it also for its longtime use. You can use it over a year with suggested use. This deodorant uses no harmful ingredients chemicals parabens or phthalates. The company says it also a hypoallergenic. That means it is completely free from allergic problem to your skin. This product is dermatologist tested and you should know that CRYSTAL is the world’s leading natural mineral salt deodorant until now.

Tips: CRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Stick must be used on clean skin.

Crystal Body Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Silky smooth twist-up stick which is very easy to use
  • Natural mineral salt
  • Can last over a year with suggested use
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Defend odor
  • Hypoallergenic or no allergic issue
  • Dermatologist tested

#10. Right Guard Xtreme Defense 5 Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick      

This can be the best deodorant for excessive sweating because of it is specially made for guarding sweat while you are out for a day. It keeps you fresh and sweat free and give you confidence. It will completely protect odor from your skin which is caused by bacteria. So the anti-bacterial formula used here is what you can completely rely on. The 5 power of this deodorant is: Anti-Perspirant Deodorant blocks sweat extra effectively, long-lasting odor protection, Targets bacteria that cause odor, Neutralizes odorwith protectorate technology.Main Ingredients used in here areStearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, MyristylMyristate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Silica, Chromium Hydroxide Green, Yellow 5 Lake.

It will not leave any white residue on your skin. It is not a gel component. It is a solid antiperspirant. You will love this solid deodorant stick while traveling in a warm or hot location. I will not melt down or leak out of the container. Also, it will last for a very long time.

Right Guard Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Block sweat for a long day
  • Long lasting odor protection (upto 72 hours)
  • Kills bacteria with protectorate
  • Can be used for a year
  • 5 power defense

Tips: Stop using it if rash or irritationoccurs. And apply only to underarms.

#11. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Pure Vanilla-2 ounce

Do you want a completely healthy deodorant? Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Pure Vanilla will be your right choice. This award-winning, aluminum free deodorant is 100% natural, safe and healthy. The soothing essential oils with beta-glycan technology protects your skin from odor effectively and keeps soothing conditioning, and nourishing your underarm area. It will not leave any residue on your skin or you will not feel any sticky wetness.

We love this smell a lot. The luxurious scents from it will amaze you and your surrounding people for sure. And of course, the scent will last long (about 48 hours). The main ingredients (all are natural) used in this product are: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Sodium stearate (Coconut-derived), Silica, Lemon peel oil), Alpha-Glucan oligosaccharide (Sugar Derived), Yeast beta glucan, Loniceracaprifolium flower extract, Valerianaofficinalis root extract. This deodorant is listed as a cruelty-free and vegan deodorant. It is the only best deodorant for men which is baking soda free. And we consider it as the best natural deodorant currently in the market

Tips: Use it on thedry and clean skin.

Lavanila deodorant

Product Specifications

  • 100% natural, safe and healthy
  • Award-winning aluminum free deodorant
  • Superior odor protection
  • Freshly scent which lasts about 48 hours
  • Leaves no white marks on skin
  • Cruelty-free and vegan deodorant

#12. Herban Cowboy – Deodorant Dusk, 2.8 oz sticks

Are you looking for an aluminum-free alternative to your scented antiperspirant? Herban Cowboy Deodorant Dusk is the closest thing you’ll find. It has nice long lasting scent and nothing harmful for those with sensitive skin. On top of that, vegan people can use this without any hesitation as this is a 100% vegan product. While searching for the best deodorant for women you will find this product too as this deodorant is liked by the women also for its herbal ingredients and long-lasting fragrance. Many popular branded deodorants and antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals that can have aneffect on your lymphatic system. But Herban Cowboy is natural all the way and you’ll feel no problem once you start using it. The protection from odor lasts for almost 8 hours. The smell is not overpowering and soothes the environment around you. It is recommended that you don’t apply it to broken skin. Also, if any complication occurs, try to consult with your physician. But we don’t think you’ll have any issues as there’s no aluminum, chlorohydrate, triclosan alcohol or any other harmful chemicals. The last thing about it is the packaging which is amazingly good and totally disposable.

Herban Cowboy deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Natural deodorant for maximum protection
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Dries fast and no harsh chemicals
  • Fully vegan deodorant
  • No propylene glycol, aluminum, and triclosan used

#13. Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant For Men

It’s a gel deodorant which leaves no white traces on your skin and your clothes. Its clinically proven formula is very effective for wetness protection all day long. The active ingredient in this gel deodorant is Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate – 25% (Anti-Perspirant) and the inactive ingredients are Water, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, PEG 12 DimethiconeCrosspolymer, Xylitol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Silica DimethiconeSilylate, Ethylene Brassylate etc.

This gel has anew formula that is awatery gel which is smelly than the older gel. You will face no skin irritation and it will last 2-3 days after a single use. Amazing right? This Deodorant also prevents swampy and smelly pits. The cool and soft scent will amaze you and your surrounding people. At last this deodorant will keep you wet free throughout your long day.

Mitchum Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Improved quick-drying gel formula
  • Leaves no trace of messy white residue
  • Protection from wetness effectively all day long
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • New formula with more oxygen
  • Prevents swampy and smelly pits

#14. Speed Stick by Mennen Power Antiperspirant & Deodorant Solid

Those who don’t like smelly thing on their skin much, this unscented stick deodorant is for them. This dermatologist-tested deodorant has the active ingredient of Aluminum Zirconium TetrachlorohydrexGly (15%). And the inactive ingredients in this deodorant are Cyclometer, Stearyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Talc, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Stealth-100, Stealth-2 and Benzyl Alcohol.

Though the company says it as an unscented product you will get some little, soft scent. A neural scent that is not too strong. One of our customer’s opinion of this deodorant that it is not overbearing like AXE body spray and deodorant. The stick is very thick and big, very comfortable to use. The main benefit you will get from this deodorant is, it will keep you dry through all day long and leave no rough smell after 12 or 24 hours. Searching for the best deodorant for body odor for men? Speed Stick by Mennen Power is the best deal for men to try once for those who don’t like smelly products at all.

Speed Stick Deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Unscented
  • Great to keep pits dry
  • No stain on clothes
  • Dermatologist tested and nothing harmful for sensitive skin

#15. Every Man Jack Deodorant, Cedarwood, 3 Ounce

Every Man Jack Deodorant features of cedarwood essential oils. The naturally derived formula in here keeps you away from odor and gives your body a good smell. The ingredients used in here are: Aqua/Water/Eau, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Stearate, GossypiumHerbaceum (Cotton) Extract, Calendula Extract, Myrrh Gum Extract, Alpine Lichen Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract, Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil, Rosemary Oil, JuniperusVirginiana Wood Extract, Fragrance/Perfume.

Another lucrative side of this best deodorant for men that all of Every Man Jack products are cruelty-free and there are no parables in it.Also, it is the aluminum-free formula. For that, your skin will be risk-free.It lasts a full day with a normal use. The masculine branding and cedar scent is very attractive which gives you confidence and a decent smell to your body.

Every Man Jack deodorant

Product Specifications

  • Ensures long-lasting odor protection
  • Amazing fragrance with a blend of Cedarwood essential oils
  • Good for sensitive skin with natural formula
  • No harmful chemicals are used
  • 4 to 6 hours of protection for active person
  • No traces of stain on shirts

#16. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, Cedarwood + Juniper

Another natural Cedarwood smelled deodorant. This time you will get cedar wood with Juniper which provides warm and woody scent which is favorite among men and women as per our survey. The plant-based powder in this deodorant protects against wetness. It uses no aluminum so your skin will be risk-free. The main ingredients used in this deodorant areshea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Himalayan cedar essential oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Juniperus (juniper) essential oil, hop extract. It is free of aluminum, parabens, and phthalates.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is easily absorbed by your body. It is nongreasy and you will feel no sticky feel. The award-winning formula of this deodorant provides you all day protection of odor and relief your skin from being wet. The aroma smells of it gives your fresh smells and your surrounding people will love it for sure. And you will find rare the deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum in it.

Schmidt's Natural

Product Specifications

  • Perfectly blended Cedarwood and Juniper for a warm and woody scent
  • Odor protection and wetness relief with award-winning formula
  • No greasy or sticky feel and easily absorbed
  • Wetness protection without aluminum achieved by plant-based powders
  • These ingredients named aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates are not used

Some Important best deodorant for men:

Arm & Hammer Deodorant
Arm & Hammer
Baxter deodorant1
CRYSTAL Deodorant1
CRYSTAL Deodorant
Degree deodorant1
 Dove deodorant1
 Gillette deodorant
 Kiss My Face depdpramt
Kiss My Face
 Mennen deodorant
 MenScience deodorant
 NORTH COAST deodorant
Schmidt’s Deodorant
 RALPH LAUREN deodorant
 Tom's of Maine deodorant
Tom’s of Maine

Some best deodorant for women:

Agent Nateur deodorant
Agent Nateur
Degree deodorant
Lady Speed Stick deodorant
Lady Speed stick
O'Deo deodorant

Some best natural deodorant:

Arrid deodorant
Botanik deodorant
Burt's Bees deodorant
Burt’s Bees
Jungleman Naturals deodorant
Jungleman Naturals

Conclusiton :

Men use deodorant not only for smelling good. Today deodorants are used for odor protection, protect your skin from being too wet while at work or in your office hour. Some natural and dermatologist tested deodorants are also good for your skin too. So you have to consider some factors while buying best deodorant for men. We have shortlisted the best product for you and have tried to explain in details. So now it is up to you to choose according to your needs. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience. Our comment box is always open for you. You will get further information and tips through from our experts and from our good readers.

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