36 Best Eyeshadow Palette — Our Pick for You 2024


If you are searching for the best eyeshadow palette, then you are in the right place with no doubt. Eyeshadow palettes are a great beauty investment and they play an important role in the increase of women’s nobility. Girls always use many cosmetics to make themselves look more attractive. The eye is one of the mediums of expression of beauty. People are attracted to each other with their eyes first. Besides, women of the Islamic State kept their eyes open while their bodies were covered with their clothes. That is why they take care of their eyes. Now you are in the best eyeshadow palette drugstore.

Best eyeshadow palette


What is the eyeshadow palette?

When women go out or attend any event, they use the eyeshadow to express themselves more expressively. This cosmetic is usually like powders that are used in the form of plaques on the eyes. There are many uses of video available on youtube.com. There will be no side effects using it. But after using eyeshadow, you must clear the eyeshadow used with the best makeup remover.


How to apply eyeshadow step by step?

Before using an eyeshadow, you need to know how to put it on your eyes properly. For this, we have made a step-by-step guide for you. Just follow these instructions.

  1. First, choose light colors if you are a beginner. We recommend you use a neutral color and a darker shade. Just run your brush over the light, neutral shade and tap off any excess shadow.

Tip: You can use your index finger to apply color if you don’t have a brush.

  1. Apply the color across the entire lid without going as high as the brow.
  2. Run your brush over the darker eye shadow.
  3. To intensify color, repeat with more shadow.
  4. Repeat steps one through four on the other eye


How to do eyeshadow?

You can watch this video for more details.

Please click to watch the video:

Now, here’s the main part. In below you will find the best list of eyeshadow currently available in the market. Just go through this article and choose your favorite one.


Best eyeshadow palette brand:

SN Company Name View all
#01 Anastasia View all
#02 Anself View all
#03 Beauty Glazed View all
#04 BYS View all
#05 COVERGIRL View all
#06 DE’LANCI View all
#07 e.l.f. Cosmetics View all
#08 ETA Cosmetics View all
#09 L.A. Girl View all
#10 Landfox View all
#11 LORAC View all
#12 LuckyFine View all
#13 Mac View all
#14 Maybelline New York View all
#15 MISKOS View all
#16 Morphe Brushes View all
#17 Nars View all
#18 NYX View all
#19 Revlon View all
#20 SHANY Cosmetics View all
#21 Tarte View all
#22 Too Faced View all
#23 Urban Decay View all
#24 W7 View all
#25 Zoeva View all


Best eyeshadow palette 2019 reviews:

#01.  ACEVIVI Professional 88 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Matte Shimmer..

Who does not want an eyeshadow palette that will give you a gorgeous professional look? But also do not want to starve for the rest of the month? Because those high-quality eyeshadows are so expensive it will cost you a ton. But wait, now  ACEVIVI Professional 88 Colors Eyeshadow Palette is on the market which will give you the quality but not cost you to death. You can create an everyday look to a bridal look with this palette. The shadows are so pigmented and bendable that you will love this palette.

ACEVIVI eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • This palette contains vibrant shadows that are so pigmented.
  • The shadows are blendable.
  • You can create a different kind of look by using this.
  • It will enhance your eye features.
  • The palette is portable.


#02.  Anself Professional 15 Colors Makeup Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Not everybody will like a bold and gorgeous look on an everyday basis. If you are one of them and like nude and neutral makeup this palette is for you. It contains 15 matte neutral eyeshadows which are perfect for any professional dressing. But not only for professional purposes you can create a different kind of look for different occasions. The shadows are pigmented and buildable and for some extra, they are made with healthy ingredients.

Anself eye shadow palette

Product specialty:

  • The shadows are neutral and matte.
  • Perfect for nude makeup and professional occasions.
  • But you can create so many looks with these warm-toned shadows.
  • The ingredients they are made of are high in quality.


#03.  Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow Palette 35 Colors Eye Shadow Powder…

If you want to take your girl swimming on the first date then gift her this palette. Because this is waterproof. This palette has 35 colors which are so pigmented and long-lasting of course. This is a perfect palette for professionals. You can also create looks that will look professional Smokey or vibrant whatever you prefer.  Because this palette has nudes and bold both kinds of shadows.

 Beauty-Glazed eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • This is a waterproof and long-lasting eyeshadow
  • You can explore a different kind of look by using this palette.
  • Ingredients used in it are safe.
  • Suitable for professional usage.


#04.  BR Makeup set – Eyeshadows, blush, lip gloss, mascara, and more

Do you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Are they now grown enough and using your makeup? Here is the perfect product for you. This is a makeup kit in which you will get face products as well as eye and lip products. This quality full product is a great starter pack for your little one and you can use it also.

BR eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • Suitable for adults and kids both.
  • All-in-one makeup kit.
  • It’s a travel-size kit.
  • You will get a mirror and an applicator with it.


#05.  BYS 12 Shade Matte Eyeshadow Palette Tin Collection with Mirror…

If you are a creative person and like to play with makeup then this palette is for you. You can play with it as many ways as you want. Just bring out your creative scene. You can carry this sleek palette anywhere you want. It has both matte and shimmery shadows in it which will help you to create a variety of looks.

BYS eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • The range of colors is suitable for creating different looks.
  • The palette is sleek and portable.
  • You can create nude and bold both kinds of looks with it.
  • You will get the necessary tools with it.


#06.  Jmkcoz Eye Shadow 120 Colors Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette… 

If you do not want to spend all your money to buy so many palettes of different colors, you do not have to. Here is a palette of 120 colors. In it, you will find every possible color you will need for different occasions. Also, it has matte and shimmery shadows so that you can create every possible look you want. Suitable for almost every skin type. It’s pigmented and bendable.

Jmkcoz eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • You will get 120 colors in it.
  • Each of them is very pigmented.
  • People with every skin type can use it.
  • Though it has 120 colors it is very sleek and portable.
  • It lasts all day long.


#07.  21 Highly Pigmented Professional Eyeshadow Palette Eye…

If you need some vibrant colors at a reasonable price also high in quality try this out. This palette has 21 vibrant and pigmented shadows you will fall in love with. Not to tell about the quality, it has a similar formula as many high-end brands like Urban Decay. You will get full-size pans that will last for a long time. The palette is designed by professional makeup artists.

Karity Cosmetics eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • Refers to its quality this palette is a dupe for many high-end
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Pigmented, blendable, and smudge-proof.
  • Suitable for everyday looks to dramatic looks.


#08.  L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Nudes, 0.42 Ounce 

Here is another nude palette for neutral makeup lovers. Best for everyday use or any professional gatherings. It contains matte and shimmer. These matte shadows are great for creating a smooth base. Shimmery shadows add dimension to your eyes. It’s blendable and pigmented.

L.A.-Girl yeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • Great for creating a smokey-eye look.
  • Good for everyday use.
  • Quality is good and blendable.
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator.


#09.  Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup – Matte + Shimmer 16 Colors…

You can say here is another dupe for a high-end brand. It comes in matte and shimmery shades. You will get rose gold and royally dark browns in it which are desirable shades, great for smokey eyes. You can create varieties of look with it. You can use it everyday basis and also on any occasion. You will get vibrant nudes in it.

Lamora eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • It contains 16 vibrant nude colors.
  • Good for everyday use.
  • Also can be used on various occasions.
  • The color range is outstanding.


#10.  Eyeshadow&Nail Glitter LuckyFine 30Pcs/Set Colors Mixed Glitter…

Who does not love glitter? I know many of you live on it. For those here is a great product. Glitter can be used on the eye, nail, and body. And if it’s Halloween you need to buy this. The colors are vibrant and bright. Your eye makeup will pop up by using this.

LuckyFine eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • So many colors come with it.
  • All are bright and vibrant.
  • Applies well with glitter glue.
  • Long-lasting.
  • You can use it for multi-purpose.


#11.  LORAC PRO Palette

Now if you want to spend some money it will be worth trying this palette. One of the best high-end brands was created by the celebrity makeup artist of Hollywood named Carol Shaw. As the name says this palette is used by professionals so not to mention how good the formula is. The pigmentation is incredible. And blend well. You will get a set of diverse colors it from which you can create so many beautiful looks per your choice.

LORAC eyeshadow palette

Product specialty:

  • You will get 8 shimmer and 8 matte shadows.
  • There is a shimmery highlighter as well as a matte
  • It is made with soothing botanicals.
  • Long-wearing.


#12.  Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, 0.34 oz. 

Beginner in makeup? Confused about how to properly use eyeshadows? Ok, then this is a lifesaver for you. This palette comes with a duo, trio, and quad set with which you can create 13 eye looks without knowing anything about eye makeup. Seems easy? It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create different looks. The quality of the product is also good.

Maybelline-New-York eyeshadow

Product specialty

  • Great for beginners.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • Good for everyday use.
  • Highly pigmented and also buildable.


#13.  Morphe Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Plum Palette…

If you do not want to spend a ton of money and still want a palette that is high-end quality then Morphe is the one. It gives you high-end quality for less money. So you do not want to think about what your skin type is this will not smudge or move. Those shadows will stay all day long. You can create any kind of look with these matte shadows.

Morphe eyeshadow palette

Product specialty

  • Gives you high-end quality at a comparatively low price.
  • Long lasting, will stay all day long.
  • You can create natural or dramatic both kind of looks.
  • Suitable for any kind of skin.


#14.  SHANY Cosmetics Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette (88 Color…

If you do not want to spend money on different kinds of makeup you can purchase this kit. It has eyeshadows as well as blush. You can mix the colors to create something more. You can also contour with this palette. Moreover, this multi-purpose palette can be used in many different ways and save you money.

SHANY-Cosmetics eyeshadow palette

Product specialty

  • This is a multi-purpose
  • It contains eyeshadows, blush and so many more.
  • It can be used for both day and night makeup.
  • This palette has nude and bold shadows.
  • Long lasting and high quality.


#15.  W7 Natural Nudes Naked Eye Color Palettes Smokin 12-in-1…

This is a palette for smokey-eye lovers. It contains 12 shades for perfect Smokey eyes. It blends well and if you apply it correctly it will stay all day long. This palette is comparable to urban decay’s naked palette. Shadows are very pigmented and blend well. It has the darkest colors compared to many other high-end brands.

W7 eyeshadow palette

Product specialty

  • This palette is cheap and gives you the quality of high-end
  • The shadows are pigmented.
  • It is a dupe for urban decay’s naked palette.
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator.


#16.  Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup…

Without contour and highlight your face will look like a flat canvas and you, of course, do not want that. Contouring and highlighting will enhance your features and this palette is perfect for both. It contains 6 removable pans in the palette. 3 is for contour and 3 for highlighting which are super blendable and pigmented.

Aesthetica eyeshadow palette

Product specialty

  • This product is 100% vegan and dermatologist-tested.
  • It comes with step-by-step instructions so it is perfect for beginners.
  • Great for everyday use and a special occasion also.
  • Highly pigmented and bendable.
  • Gives you a flawless finish.


Some popular best eyeshadow palette

 Bestland eyeshadow palette
EYX Formula
 Landfox eyeshadow
SHANY Cosmetics


Some best Makeup kit

Anastasia Beverly
ETA Cosmetics
Maybelline New York
SHANY Cosmetics



In this article, we have covered the best eyeshadow palette for beginners to the best eyeshadow for makeup artists. The eyeshadow palette is available in all the countries of the world. However, amazon.com is the best place to buy. Eyeshadow is usually used in the upper part of the eye through the brushes. Many of the world’s renowned companies sell eyeshadow palettes, have their beauty glazed, COVERGIRL, ETA Cosmetics, L.A. Girl, Mac, Maybelline New York, Morph Brushes, SHANY Cosmetics Very Good Quality. SHANY Cosmetics company’s eyeshadow palettes are the best eyeshadow palette.


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