37 Best Gel Nail Polish – The New Shades and Styles


Things you have to consider before choosing the best gel nail polish is not a big list. Colors are everything for girls to choose the best one for them in this section. So colors are not just colors you can see. It has more shades and styles nowadays. So before going to a shop to buy the nail polishes, we offer you to check our list and invest a little of your time in this article. No worry, your valuable time will not be wasted.

best gel nail polish

Even a top class manicure saloon sometimes confuses selecting the best beauty product for them. For this, they try lots of products on the market. So, we did a deep survey and go to girl’s parlor to the parlor to see how you girls react over the variety of best gel nail polish. Our review team has spent a lot of time and did a deep Amazon research to find out the best list for you.

But before choosing the best one for you, you need to know the proper steps of using the nail polishes and also should know the proper rule of withdrawing the nail polishes from your nails. We have covered these things with each product review where it needed. If you want to see the step by step guide, may check out this article for more detailed discussions. However, let’s jump into the reviews.

The Best Gel Nail Polish Brands of Amazon

SN Company Name View all
#01  AIMEILI  View all
#02  Azure Beauty View all
#03  butter LONDON View all
#04  China Glaze View all
#05  CLAVUZ View all
#06  CND View all
#07 COVERGIRL View all
#08  Dr.’s Remedy View all
#09  essie View all
#10  Faby View all
#11  Gellen View all
#12  IBD View all
#13  Julep View all
#14  KBShimmer View all
#15  Kleancolor View all
#16  L’Oreal Paris View all
#17  MAKARTT View all
#18  MAVALA View all
#19  Maybelline New York View all
#20  Mineral Fusion View all
#21  NARS Cosmetics View all
#22  OPI View all
#23  Perfect Summer View all
#24  Revlon View all
#25  Rimmel  View all
#26  Sally Hansen View all
#27  Seche View all
#28  Sexymix View all
#29  SHANY Cosmetics View all
#30  ZOYA View all

The Best Gel Nail Polish Reviews of Amazon

#01.  AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish – Base and No Wipe Top…

Want a professional salon style manicure with the comfort of your home? The AIMEILI Base and No Wipe Top Coat Kit Set will provide you with a mirror shine finish that stays glossy for minimum 2 weeks. This kit is completely free from nicks and chips and doesn’t smudge at all.


Product Specification

  • High-gloss wear for minimum 2 weeks
  • Delivers mirror shine finish
  • No nicks, no chips
  • Smudge-free
  • Needs to be dried under LED lamp
  • Easy wear and easy remove
  • Results in a salon like a manicure

#02.  China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners: Afterglow 70697 

Searching for a professional grade best gel nail polish that also works as a nail hardener? Your search is over; the China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners is made from resins and polymers which not only hardens nails but also provides a long-lastingshinning color to your nails. Even the nail lacquer in the bottle is long lasting as it doesn’t thicken inside.

China Glaze

Product Specification:

  • Super long lasting
  • Free from color and shine fading
  • Doesn’t thickens in bottle
  • Flexible brush
  • Delivers a salon grade finish
  • Prevents nails from breaking
  • Available in more than 80 different glamorous shades

#03.  CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish, Negligee, .5 oz

One of the most fashion forwarded and advanced nail polishes is the Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish from CND because it doesn’t require a base coat to be applied beforehand. The self – adhering color coat is enough to provide a glossy shine and to last for awake-long period. This nail paint dries out real quick and there is absolutely no chip.

CND nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Doesn’t require a base coat; includes a self – adhering color coat
  • 7 days long wear; durable
  • Dries real quick
  • Chip-proof
  • True to color
  • Fuss-free removal
  • Available in hundreds of various color shades

#04.  Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, Bountiful Blue, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Though it’s a bit expensive, but it is one of the best nail paint that delivers saloon like finish as it is made from a doctor’s formula.

Dr.’s REMEDY used all natural, no toxic ingredients on this so that it’s safe for pregnant women and allergic people. Though made from unconventional items, this nail polish provides a dazzling shine and long-lasting wear.

Dr.'s Remedy

Product Specification:

  • Infused with natural ingredients
  • Custom blend formula by doctors
  • Enhanced with vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Delivers dazzling shine
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Long-wear
  • Vegan friendly

#05.  essie gel couture nail polish, on the list, 0.46 fl. oz.

Want a luxurious set of nails this holiday season? Don’t look anywhere other than the Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish. This nail paint comes in 48 drool-worthy, couture-inspired shades that provide an instant shine to your nails. The curve-hugging brush applies nail polish with utmost perfection so that you always have a saloon finish look.


Product Specification:

  • Provides instant shine
  • Easy application, easy removal
  • Doesn’t require any UV lamp drying
  • Includes a curve-hugging brush for perfection
  • Results in salon-like look
  • 14 days long wear
  • Available in 48 different couture – inspired shades

#06.  Gelish Dynamic Duo Soak Off Gel Nail Polish – Foundation Base…

Want to use the same product as many professional saloons use? Buy the Gelish Dynamic Duo Soak-off Gel Nail Polish and enjoy a saloon style manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks with the perfect shine. Within the 3 weeks, the nail paint will neither chip nor peel and even the shine won’t fade away.


Product Specification:

  • Used a patented technology for easy soak off
  • Saloon quality product
  • Maximum 3 weeks long-lasting wear with perfect shine
  • Doesn’t damage nail plate
  • High shine finish
  • Dull and peel proof
  • Chip resistant
  • Requires LED lamp for drying

#07.  IBD Just Gel Nail Polish, Smokey Plum, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

It’s made from 100% pure gel formula that gives you the perfect high- gloss gel finish. Used in many professional saloons, this nail polish has a very smooth application and last for a long period of time. And it’s easy to apply and even easier to remove.

IBD nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Used 100% pure gel formula
  • Classic gel finish
  • Smooth application
  • Strong, long-lasting wear
  • Dries under LED or UV light
  • Hassle free removal
  • 30 dazzling shades to choose from

#08.  Kleancolor Nail Polish – Awesome Metallic Full Size Lacquer Lot…

The Kleancolor Awesome Metallic Nail Polish comes in a set of 12 beautiful bright metallic colors. These best nail polishes are easy to apply and are also great for stamping. You can take the nail polishes with you anywhere you like as these pain bottles are made travel-friendly. These chip free nail polishes last a long time and still shines.

Kleancolor nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Bright metallic colors
  • Smooth application
  • Long lasting
  • Travel friendly
  • Chip resistant wear
  • Stamps really well
  • Comes in a set of 12 amazing colors

#09.  Liquid Latex Barrier for Nail Art, Manicures & Pedicures | Peel Off…

Want a nail art without all the mess around the nails? Monique Second Skin Liquid Latex Barrier is one easily peeled of nail polishes barrier that has an easy and fuss-free application. The short wide brush with an easy to use handle makes it very much easier to apply the formula to the area surrounding the nails. It dries out really fast and there is absolutely no foul odor.

Magique nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Easy and mess free application
  • Easily peeled off polish barrier
  • Keeps cuticles free from nail paint
  • Dries out real quick
  • Free from odor
  • Come with an easy- to- use handle
  • Includes a short, wide brush for quick application

#10.  Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder for 48 Bottles.

Keep all your favorite nail polishes in one organized place using the Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder. Made from the sturdy plastic material, this see-through box can hold up to 48 nail polish bottles of different size and shapes. This box saves a lot of space as well as keeps the nail paints away from dirt and dust. All the bottles stay in place because Makartt added secure snap latches to this box.

 MAKARTT nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Holds up to 48 nail polishes
  • Made from see-through plastic
  • Dust free container
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Spacious compartment with adjustable divider
  • secure snap-latch hold bottles in place
  • Available in 2 different colors

#11.  Mavala Switzerland Mavala Stop Nail Biting, 0.3 oz

This one is quite a little bit different as this is not just a nail polish, it will stop your nail biting bad habit. Sounds wow, right? Yes, girls, it will be your prevention treatment if you have nail biting and thumb sucking habit. This nail polish counteracts dryness of your nails and helps to restore the elasticity of nail plate. The penetrating, moisturizing and fortifying care for your finger and toenail results in healthy, flexible and soft nails, that does not break anymore. You can also use it for your high-speed nail growth and long-term treatment for your healthy nails.

 MAVALA nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Stops nail biting habit
  • Recommended by dentist and pediatricians
  • Keep your nails healthy and strong
  • Safe to children with aged 4 and adults of all ages

#12.  OPI Nail Polish, Black Onyx, 0.5 fl. oz.

Those who love the pure black color on their nails this is perfect for them. The basic black color of this nail polish is really fabulous. You will get three different black colors- deep, inky and jet. This long lasting nail polish gives you a bold, fresh and chic style.

 OPI nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Last up to 7 days
  • You will get glossy, tar black crème polish
  • 3 different black colors- deep, inky and jet

#13.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, Pink-Terest, 0.5 Ounce

The only nail polish with 2 step manicure with no light available in the market. And want to hear how long it will last on your nails? 14 days! Pretty amazing, right? Yeah, it’s absolutely true. What do you need more from a nail polish? This one is our one of the most favorite nail polish of 2017.

 Sally Hansen nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • 2-step manicure with no light needed
  • Stays up to 14 days
  • You can remove this nail polish from your nails like others regular nail polish
  • A wide range of shades (60 shades!)

#14.  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear – .5 oz. oz

If you are late for your party or need to go out after just have doing best nail polishes on your nails, what you will do? Of course, you don’t want to spoil your nail polish, right? The SecheVite Dry Fast Nail polish brings the solution for you. It dried out just like a blink of your eyes. Moreover, the company guaranteed it will not fade or yellow.  Let’s see what you will get from this.

 Seche nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • Super-fast dry
  • Very Shiny and glossy colors
  • Last about 2 weeks
  • Single solid coating but do not fade

#15.  SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famous Colors Nail Art Polish, Nail Art… 

Shany Nail Art set offers you a complete nail polish set with 24 famous colors. In the 24 nail art set you will get- 4 pearl, 4 neon, 11 matte and 5 glitter shades. This is another nail polish that dries fast. And the longevity is good. You will not need any UV lamp or any kind of light to dry it. This can be a gift set for your girl also.

 SHANY nailpolish

Product Specification:

  • 24 color nail polish set
  • Most gifted beauty item
  • Quick dry and last long
  • No need of UV lamp or other light


#16.  ZOYA Nail Polish, Toni, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Girls who love purple color on their nail will love this nail polish a lot. Zoya has the best purple nail polish with a large variety of purple shades and you will really love all of those. This Zoya nail polish comes in frost metallic glitter and cream finishes which will attract anyone in the party. So why wait? If your favorite color is purple and wants to give your nails a purple colored glossy and glittery look, just try it once. You will love it for sure.


Product Specification:

  • Best purple color nail polish right now
  • Metallic glittery and glossy cream finishes
  • Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin
  • Large variety of purple color shades

Some Important Best Gel Nail Polish:

China Glaze
China Glaze
Dr.'s Remedy
Dr.’s Remedy
 L'Oreal Paris
L’Oreal Paris
 Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen

Best Nail Dryer:


Best Nail Polish Remover:

 Pure Body Naturals
Pure Body Naturals

Best Nail Hardener:

 KONAD Nail Art
KONAD Nail Art
 Quimica Alemana
Quimica Alemana

Final Verdict

Painting your nails with different shades and styles gives you joy. Also, it attracts others to your glossy or matte nail colors. If you have the bad haFbit of biting your nails, nail polish also can prevent this bad habit.

After spending a lot of time in this year quizzing pros and swiping on countless nail colors, the above 37 best gel nail polish are the best list for your right now we can say. So, why do not give a try? Go to the links and buy from home. Do paint your nails and art with your wish.

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