43 Best Eyeliners Reviews – Top Picks for 2024


Searching for the best eyeliner is not that in 2024. As there are lots of brands and their products. It may easily confuse anyone. We have spent many days analyzing reviews, and comments from different users consulted with a cosmetics chemist, and finally have taken advice from our review team to make the perfect and the best list for you. So keep faith in us. Your time and money will be worth it.

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From cat eyes to sexy and smoky eye looks, eyeliner is now quite a big fashion nowadays. Among the numerous beauty products, eyeliner can also be a perfect budget gift for your girl. While searching for the best eyeliners, you need to know some information regarding the eyeliners available in the market. More cosmetics in eye care best mascara. So, we are answering some of the questions with an explanation for your better decision.


What is the best eyeliner?

While you people come to the internet to search for the best things, the most common question or the most common search for you is, what is the best or which is the best? So here you are come to know about eyeliner, right? It does not have any specific answer as there are lots of products in the market with lots of features and criteria. We will be giving you the descriptions of some best products and the choice is yours. Anyway, let’s jump into more details and information.


How to choose the best eyeliner?

Are you worried about how to get the right type of eyeliner for you? In this section, we will go to show you that and discuss it elaborately.

Your eyes matter first here. According to your eye color, you need to choose the right eyeliner for you. Then it comes to the fact- gel, liquid, or pencil?

Gel Eyeliner: Gel eyeliner is mainly in cat-eye shape. You can have freedom in your creative design in your eyes. Girls also like gel eyeliner for its clean, precise lines, thicker formula, and ease of the precise brush. But the con here is it tends to dry out. But don’t worry. Some gel eyeliners are awesome in this sector. We will be reviewing those below.

Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner is best for clean lines. The very thin brushes of the liquid eyeliner get your job done very easily. You will also get a wider range of colors and finishes. But the consistency of liquid eyeliner may disappoint you a little bit.

Pencil Eyeliner: For a smoky eye look you need to use pencil eyeliners. It’s great for everyday use. It will also give you a very precise line on your waterline. (Here, the liquid eyeliner lags as nobody wants the liquid or gel things running into their eyes!)

So, what you’re thinking now? Enough of the information of today, right? So wait no more. Let’s jump into the review section.


The best lipsticks famous company of Amazon:


SN Company Name View all
#01  Almay View all
#02  AsaVea View all
#03  blinc View all
#04  Clinique View all
#05  Clio View all
#06  COVERGIRL View all
#07  e.l.f. Cosmetics View all
#08  Eve by Eve’s View all
#09  Eyeko View all
#10  It Cosmetics View all
#11  Kat Von D View all
#12  L’Oreal Paris View all
#13  M.A.C. View all
#14  Maybelline New York View all
#15  Milani View all
#16  N.Y.C. View all
#17  NARS View all
#19  Palladio View all
#20  Physicians Formula View all
#21  Prestige View all
#22  Revlon View all
#23  Rimmel View all
#24  Stila View all


The best Eyeliner to pick from Amazon:


#01. Best Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil with Sharpener – 12 Hour…

This waterproof eyeliner is the perfect combo as you will get a pencil sharpener with it included! The thing that makes it very easy to use is its retractable easy glide and you will get high precision tip lines on your eye. The company promotes it as 12-hour wear. So, you will be worried free for the long-lasting issue.


Product Specialty:

  • The tip is very highly précised
  • Eyeliner for your perfect waterline
  • Very good and resistant color
  • Fully waterproof
  • Comfortable to hold, easy to use
  • No need to reapply as it lasts throughout the day with a single use.


#02. COVERGIRL Perfect Point PLUS Eyeliner Black Onyx 200, .008 oz

The beauty products from CoverGirl always have a soft corner from the customers. Because they don’t compromise their quality and always give extra benefits. However, this perfect point plus eyeliner is perfect for your eyeliner shape. The eye pencil with a self-sharpening tip is stunning. The smudger tip blends the colors very easily.


Product Specialty:

  • Number 1 selling good eyeliner in the US
  • The self-sharpening feature makes smooth and perfect lines every time
  • There’s a soft smudger tip and the eyeliner glides very easily
  • You will always get the point perfectly
  • Semi-waterproof


#03. Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black

This one is liquid eyeliner for your bold use and makes extra shapes for your beautiful eyes. The Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel flawlessly cleans lines and easily glides which gives you precision use. This liquid eyeliner is never dried and lasts long. The longevity of liquid eyeliners generally is not that much good. But this one amazed us. And wash up is also very easy. Just use a little bit of warm water to remove the eyeliner. You will face no trouble with fast and clean wash up.


Product Specialty:

  • Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Best for creating a perfect cat eye
  • Easy, fast, and clean wash up
  • Long-lasting and non-allergic
  • Easy to use, no boundary of creative shapes, and easy to match different types of make-up.


#04. e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner, Black, 0.17 Ounce

Maybe you are hearing of this type of eyeliner for the first time. e.l.f brings this cream’s best eyeliner formula for smooth and precise lines on your eyes and gives your eyes more beautiful shapes. You can make thin or bold lines with this cream eyeliner very easily. And this one is Smudge, budge, and waterproof.  You will get a very good and useful brush with it also. This can be a perfect gift for your girl.

elf Cosmetics

Product Specialty:

  • The cream formula makes smooth and precise lines
  • You can make thin or bold lines easily on your eyes
  • Water-resistant
  • A beautiful and useful brush is included


#05. Enhanced Liquid Eyeliner with New Design, Waterproof Sweat…

Another best eyeliner is watery eyes. But this one is very good for its water resistance. Water means any type of water. Like your eye water, sweat from your forehead, and other water splashes. You will get a bold-looking and précised shape with this long-lasting eyeliner.  It will give you full freedom for your creative designs. So, you can take control over how thick or thin of a line you want in your eyes.


Product Specialty:

  • Very good water resistance and long-lasting
  • The non-irritating formula which means soft applicator tips and the formula does not irritate your eyes
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Risk-free and 100% user satisfaction guarantee


#06. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner…

This Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner is mainly for your ultra-fine thin and precise design on your eyes. This eyeliner can deliver precise lines to your eyes flawlessly. You will also have got intense and quick-dry formula with this liquid eyeliner. And this one is also smudge-proof.

L'Oreal Paris-1

Product specialty:

  • Can make sleek and sophisticated eye design
  • Thin and perfect amount of liner with 0.4mm ultra-fine tip
  • Quick dry and easy glide formula
  • Smudge-proof
  • Skip and drag proof also


#07. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner, Black, 0.087 oz.

World-renowned L’Oréal Paris introduced a Kajal-like pencil eyeliner to its customers in the spring of 2012. This L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner incorporated a dark kajal formula to deliver a dark, intense matte look. Pencil eyeliners are the easiest to use and this particular pencil is soft and glides on the eyelids smoothly. Moreover, this voluminous eyeliner defines your eyes and stays in place for a long time without even the slightest smudging.

L'Oreal Paris-2

Product specialty:

  • Glides on smoothly
  • Can be used both as eyeliner and kajal
  • Delivers an intense, Smokey look
  • Matte finish
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Comes with a custom sharpener to maintain shape


#08. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner…

Do you have sensitive eyes? Are you a contact lens wearer searching for eyeliner that won’t cause harm to your eyes? Your search is over. The Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner has an oil-free formula that sets perfectly and doesn’t cause any harm to delicate eyes.

Maybelline New York-1

Product specialty:

  • Highly pigmented, oil-free formula
  • Sets instantly
  • 24-hour long wear
  • Waterproof and Smudge-proof
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for even contact lenses wearer


#09. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner…

The Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner won the Best of Beauty award because of its laser-sharp finish. The ultra-thin tip of the pen glides smoothly for a more precise and defined look. This super-pigmented eyeliner doesn’t dry or skip and there is absolutely no mess while using it.

Additionally, this eyeliner is long-wear and smudge-proof.

Maybelline New York-2

Product specialty:

  • Provides laser-sharp precise definition
  • Used Ink technology for super-saturated pigments
  • Extra-long wear
  • Water and smudge-proof
  • Never drips, no mess
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens users


#10. NYX Cosmetics Slide On Pencil, SL04 Pure White

Want something different other than the same old black and brown eyeliner? Want a splash of exciting colors on your eyelids? Then try the NYX Professional Makeup Slide on Pencil. NYX offers a wide array of amazing shades for this eye pencil. These highly pigmented shades are waterproof and have a creamy consistency. The liquid-like pencil tip glides on smoothly without causing any smudge or smear.


Product specialty:

  • Ultra-soft pencil tip
  • Waterproof formula
  • Metallic shimmery finish
  • Doesn’t smudge or smear
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Creamy consistency
  • Available in 18 different sleek shades


#11. Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner…

Physicians Formula used a high-tech Japanese formula in its Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum that not only provides defined lined eyes but also enhances the lash appearance as well. 100% of women who used this product claimed that the lash looks more long and voluminous instantly after using this Eyeliner + Serum.

Besides, the brush applicator glides on the lids effortlessly resulting in a liquid eyeliner finish.

Physicians Formula

Product specialty:

  • Provides lash nourishment and conditioning
  • Enhance lash appearance instantly
  • Ultra-precise applicator for effortless glide
  • Long wear and water-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Tested by Dermatologist
  • Safe for the contact lens wearer


#12. Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Waterproof High Seal Eyeliner Pen, Black…

The Enhanced Liquid Eyeliner Pen from Precise is formulated for all-day wear. The bold matte black color of the eyeliner can stand sweat, tear, and water and remains in place without the slightest smudge or smear.

This eyeliner pen comes with a special tip that moves smoothly and creates bold looks as well as thin precise lines.


Product specialty:

  • Specially formulated for long-lasting wear
  • Easy-to-use eyeliner pen
  • Don’t hold on when you try to remove
  • Bold, matte black color
  • Tip applicator is designed to create precise lines as well as bold looks
  • Smooth application
  • Water and sweat-resistant


#13. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil, Black

Looking for a colored eye pencil that doesn’t fade easily and stays put for a long period? Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencils are your solution. These eye pencils have amazing intense color shades that wear up to 16 long hours without any smear or fade. Each pencil comes with an attached smudge to assist in creating a different effect.


Product specialty:

  • Stays fresh for up to 16 hours
  • Comes with a built-in sharpener
  • Includes a smudge to try different effects
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Available in a variety of exciting shades
  • Fade-proof; smudge and smear-proof


#14. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner, Black…

Rimmel is a drugstore brand that came up with a high-end product, the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner. The creamy formula used in this liner ensures an easy glide to create your desired look.

Available in the most dramatic and boldest colors, this eye pencil is the safest option for ultra-sensitive eyes.


Product specialty:

  • Intense colors create a bold impact
  • Creamy formula for easy glide
  • Heat and humidity-proof
  • Withstands sweat, tears, and water
  • Safe for ultra-sensitive eyes
  • Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested
  • Available in various intense colors


#15. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

The Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner is available in a variety of bold color shades. If you want your eyes to have a splash of bold yet beautiful colors, this eyeliner is a must-try. Though the price tag is a bit high, the experience is worth the money. The sharp tip of the liner can create a defined thin line as well as bold dramatic looks and it is very much easy to use.


Product specialty:

  • Provides amazing definition to the eyes
  • Has a very sharp tip applicator; easy application
  • Water-resistant
  • This eyeliner isn’t runny
  • Goes on smoothly without skipping or smudging
  • All day long wear
  • Available in bold color shades


#16. Ucanbe Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Pen Long Lasting Eyeliner…

The Ucanbe Waterproof Liquid Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it also provides a very pleasing finish. This amazing-looking pen has a flexible tip using which you can create any look you desire without a smudge. Moreover, this ultra-dark black eyeliner dries off quickly and leaves a velvety matte finish that you have always wanted.


Product specialty:

  • Amazing outlook
  • Flexible tip to create various looks
  • Easy to use and easy to remove
  • Dries quickly resulting in a matte finish
  • Intense dark black color
  • All day long wear
  • Water-proof


Some of the most usable eyeliner on Amazon:

Best pencil eyeliner:

jane iredale
jane iredale
 L'Oreal Paris
L’Oreal Paris
 Maybelline New York
Maybelline New York


Best liquid eyeliner:


elf Cosmetics
L’Oreal Paris
Maybelline New York


Best waterproof eyeliner:


Beauty For Real
It Cosmetics
L’Oreal Paris
Maybelline New York


Eyeliner is an ideal beauty tool for reshaping your eyes. The lines can be drawn with the actual contours of the eyes or in a smoky, sexy-looking style or a cat-eye which is a recent trendy style. Once you have mastered the skill, you can change your makeup to look different with just a simple eyeliner. We have tried to bring you the best products with different criteria. Now it’s your turn to choose among them.

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