37 Best Drugstore Face Moisturizers for This Winter 2024


 Skin tones and types vary, so your best drugstore face moisturizer. The perfect moisturizer is what will make all types of skin softer, smoother, and hydrated. But the perfect thing can hardly be found. Despite all the differences among the face moisturizers around the market, we have made a perfect list for you. Not all of the products and brands here are perfect, but It will help you to find out your perfect match and preferences.

best face moisturizer

But most of the girls are just not satisfied by reading only the product review. For them, there is some information regarding the facial moisturizer. We have tried to cover all of your questions below. Before scrolling down too fast we suggest you read thoroughly.


What is The Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer?

As we have mentioned above, the best moisturizer is what suits all types of skin and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. But none of the brands gives you all in one package. However, everyone advertises their products as the best in the market but you need to do proper research and get some expert reviews. Our reviews are mostly based on user experiences and dermatologist comments. So, to know what is the best drugstore face moisturizer in 2018, you need to go through the whole article.


What Types of Drugstore Face Moisturizer Should You Use?

There are several types of face moisturizer lotions around the market. Some are anti-aging, some only make your dry skin hydrated, and some are 100% natural. But there are some recommendations. Such as, if you have oily skin then you might not use moisturizer very often. A light moisturizer is perfect for oily skin. In the list below, you will also get some best moisturizers for oily skin.

If you have sensitive skin, a good moisturizer can calm redness and other issues like eczema.

We will discuss thoroughly each product. You just have to choose according to your skin needs and preferences.


How to Find the Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer?

Yeah, you are now in the right question and at the edge of starting to know the perfect list of face moisturizers. After reading all of the 35 best products below, you will get to know how to choose the best drugstore face moisturizer. We will guide you through the product specification also. Which will help you to find your perfect face moisturizer. So why wait for more? Let’s jump into the details review and find your perfect one.


The Drugstore Face Moisturizer Brands of Amazon:


SN Company Name View all
#01 Advanced Clinical View all
#02 Amara Organics View all
#03 AmLactin View all
#04 Aveeno View all
#05 Baebody View all
#06 Bee Friendly Skincare View all
#07 Body Merry View all
#08 CeraVe View all
#09 Cetaphil View all
#10 Christina Moss Naturals View all
#11 Cremo View all
#12 Era Organics View all
#13 FACE FOOD View all
#14 Geneva Naturals View all
#15 Kleem Organics View all
#16 LilyAna Naturals View all
#17 L’Oreal Paris View all
#18 Niara Beauty View all
#19  Olay View all
#20 Pond’s View all
#21 RoC View all
#22 St. Ives View all
#23 THENA Natural Wellness View all
#24 TOULON View all
#25 Yeouth View all


The Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer Reviews of Amazon:


 #01.  Anti Aging Cream For Face – Best Moisturizing Cream and Wrinkle.

The moisturizing cream from Derma-nu is one of the best facial moisturizers for aging skin. Made from all-natural anti-oxidants, this cream erases different signs of aging, boosts collagen production, smoothers skin texture, heals sun damage, and evens out skin tone. Most importantly, the Derma-nu is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, as it is made allergen and paraben-free.

Derma nu

Product Specification:

  • Made with clinically proven ingredients
  • Stimulates skin cell turnover
  • Loaded with powerful natural anti-oxidants
  • Contains Vitamins and Coenzyme Q10
  • Erases signs of aging
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Safe for all types of skin


#02.  Anti Aging Retinol Moisturizer for Face and Eye Area with 2.5%…

Looking for a non-greasy moisturizer? The anti-aging Retinol Moisturizer from Kleem Organics is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients which provide 72 hours of moisturization without making your skin greasy. This non-oily cream boosts collagen and elastin production which diminishes all signs of aging and restores a new youthful skin.

Kleem Organics

Product Specification:

  • Deep moisturization for up to 72 hours
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Reverse signs of aging
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Cures discoloration


#03.  Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer With Sunscreen…

Aveeno Positively Radiant acts both as a moisturizer and a sunscreen. It has a Broad Spectrum of SPF 15 which shields the skin from damaging rays. Moreover, its total Soy Complex delivers non-oily moisture to your skin as well as visibly perfects your skin diminishing all the imperfections like uneven skin tone, dullness, and sun damage. And this one is one of the best body lotions.


Product Specification:

  • Clinically proven to even out skin tone
  • Contains ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex
  • Protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hypoallergenic and oil-free
  • Lightly scented
  • Available in different-size bottles


#04.  Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face and Eye Area…

Made from organic and natural ingredients, the Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream not only moisturizes the skin, it also helps to fight the skin’s aging process. This cream stimulates cell turnover and collagen production to repair and restore a perfect, ageless face.


Product Specification:

  • Fights all signs of aging
  • Promotes firmer skin
  • Made from all-natural and 71% organic ingredients
  • Reduces discoloration and sun damage
  • Delivers all-day moisture
  • Stimulates faster cell turnover
  • Restores and renews youthful skin


#05.  BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream 100% All Natural 85% Organic…

Searching for a cream for you and your partner? This Face and Eye Cream from BeeFriendly is suitable for both men’s and women’s skin. This cream is handmade with all-natural and organic ingredients to pamper your skin with all-day moisturization. Besides, it works as an anti-aging agent and has natural healing properties. All the components of this BeeFriendly cream have beneficial effects on the skin. This is also one of the best eye creams for dark circles.

 Bee Friendly Skincare

Product Specification:

  • Made from 100% natural and 85% pure organic ingredients
  • Cream for all body moisturization
  • Works as an anti-aging cream
  • Incorporates natural healing properties
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Provides ultra-hydration
  • Infused with a light honey scent
  • Handmade by holistic Beekeepers


#06.  Body Merry Retinol Surge Moisturizer – All-in-one anti-aging…

The Retinol Surge Moisturizer from Body Merry is a very lightweight cream that not only moisturizes but also removes all unwanted marks from the skin and prevents them from coming back. Besides, this moisturizer also acts as an anti-aging cream diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs.

 Body Merry

Product Specification:

  • Age-defense formula
  • Filled with natural anti-oxidants and nutrients
  • Fights and prevents signs of aging
  • Keeps skin well moisturized and hydrated
  • Retinol erases unwanted marks on the skin
  • Controls skin breakouts
  • All day wear
  • Results in healthy, glowing skin


#07.  CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 16 oz Daily Face and Body Moisturizer…

CeraVe developed its Moisturizer with the help of dermatologists to deliver a cream that provides 24-hour-long hydration to the skin so that it remains soft and supple throughout the day and night. This happens because the gentle formula of this best face moisturizer Cream helps to preserve and restore the skin’s protective barrier which enables the skin to hold moisture for longer periods.


Product Specification:

  • Provides 24-hour hydration and moisturization
  • Contains hyaluronic acid to retain the skin’s natural moisture
  • Protects and strengthens skin protective barrier
  • Oil and fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic and free from comedogenic
  • Suitable for both face and body use
  • Can be used as a night cream as well
  • Available in 5 different sizes


#08.  Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Very Dry/Sensitive Skin…

The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream incorporates a formula that is clinically proven to bind to water and prevent any moisture loss from the skin. This long-lasting moisturizing cream eases the itchiness of dry, eczema-prone skin to replenish healthy, glowing skin.


Product Specification:

  • Clinically proven to soothe dry, itchy skin
  • Provides long-lasting moisture
  • Prevents moisture loss from the skin
  • Non-greasy and quick-absorbent formula
  • Best for dry and eczema-prone skin
  • Parabens and lanolin free
  • Suitable for full-body use
  • Available in different-size jars


#09.  Face Cream Moisturizer (1.7 OZ) Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

The Lily Ana Naturals face cream moisturizer is made from all-natural ingredients that are packed with natural antioxidants and are great for all skin types. This gentle yet effective cream fights and slows down the skin aging process while providing non-oily moisture.

 LilyAna Naturals

Product Specification:

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Enriched with natural anti-oxidants
  • Anti-aging formulation
  • Softens delicate facial skin
  • Slows and fights signs of aging
  • Can be used as day and night cream
  • Gentle and non-oily formula
  • Improves skin discoloration problem
  • Free from parabens and artificial fragrances


#10.  Facial Moisturizer, Organic, and Natural Face Moisturizing Cream…

Want an all-organic facial moisturizer? The Christina Moss Naturals moisturizer is made from 100% certified organic components so that you don’t have to use any artificial chemicals on your skin. The essential oils present in the cream hydrate and nourish skin all day long. Besides, this moisturizer also acts as an anti-aging cream fighting all signs of aging and skin damage to deliver the replenished, healthy-looking skin that you have always wanted.

 Christina Moss Naturals

Product Specification:

  • Used all certified organic ingredients
  • Works as an anti-aging
  • Repairs and restores damaged skin
  • Provides deep moisture to your skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Free from petrochemicals
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Suitable for both men and women


#11.  InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream – Facial Anti-Aging…

The Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream from InstaNatural prevents the skin aging process effectively and helps to achieve a healthy bright complexion. The extracts from natural components provide essential antioxidants and stimulate collagen production for more hydrated ageless skin.


Product Specification:

  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Results in smooth and bright skin
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Infused with Vitamin C, E, and Sunflower seed oil
  • Can be used as both day and night cream
  • Light-weight, non-greasy formula
  • Safe for all skin types


#12.  Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturizer 1.7 oz

Are you suffering from early wrinkles on your skin? The wait is over now. As you all know, Olay Anti-Aging Cream is the world’s best anti-aging cream till now. The Advanced Anti-Aging Formula smoothers and corrects the looks of your face skin after just 4 weeks of use. The ingredients are not harmful to your face skin rather they give moisture to your skin and make it healthy as well. So, nothing to tell more about this product. Let’s jump into the product specialties and see if there’s any match for your preferences.


Product Specification:

  • Visible results from day one
  • The moisturizing formula of this cream improves your skin’s surface, texture, and elasticity
  • Correct the look of deep wrinkles on your face
  • Regenerist Micro-Sculpting formula instantly plumps and lifts your skin surface cells
  • Luxurious fragrance


#13.  Pond’s Moisture Clean Towelettes, Original Fresh 28-Count

If you are bored using the cream day and night and want to give quick moisture to your skin, this moisture-clean towelette is for you. This will give you instant and original freshness at any time and condition. No worry, this product is dermatologist-tested and completely hypoallergenic. You can also use it as your makeup remover. However, It’s safe for contact lens wearers as well. You will get soft and moist towelettes cleaner which works very gently without drying your skin. This one is one of the best facial cleansers currently available.


Product Specification:

  • 28 packs of wet cleansing towelettes
  • Removes dirt and gently cleans your skin without drying
  • Give moisture to your face skin
  • Can also be used as a makeup remover
  • Dermatologist tested and completely hypoallergenic


#14.  Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face and Eye Area 1.7.

A semi-herbal product of natural ingredients. Those who don’t want chemicals on their skin will love this cream for sure. The active retinal moisturizer provides are lease to promote radiant skin. And this product is safe for all types of skins.

 Radha Beauty

Product Specification:

  • Anti-aging with active retinal which makes your skin soft, smooth, and glowing
  • Contains natural and organic ingredients – Organic Aloe Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, etc.
  • A great moisturizer that deeply hydrates dry skin
  • No harmful fragrances and parabens


#15.  Retinol Cream Moisturizer for Face and Eyes, Use Day and Night…

Is your facial skin drying out too much? Or does your age put steps on your face? LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream is the perfect cream for you. This face moisturizer and anti-aging cream are loaded with the best natural ingredients. This cream is suited for both men and women and all skin types.

 LilyAna Naturals

Product Specification:

  • Premium and high-potency moisturizing lotion
  • Anti-aging and prevent your skin from drying out too soon
  • All natural ingredients
  • Repair sun damage, spots, and scars on your skin
  • Leaves no oily residue, no sticky feel on the skin
  • Pleasant smell, and no artificial fragrance


#16.  St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer, Collagen Elastin 10 oz

Need a softer and smoother skin? St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer Cream completes your wish with its collagen and elastin proteins. This best drugstore face moisturizer cream can be used for normal to all types of skin. After using it for several days, the results are visible, and start reducing the fine lines and wrinkles from your facial skin.

 St. Ives

Product Specification:

  • Hydrates and softens your skin
  • Based on all-natural ingredients
  • Active collagen and elastin
  • For all skin types


Some Important Best Drugstore Face Moisturize:


Aloe Infusion1
Aloe Infusion
Amara Organics
Amara Organics
 Bee Friendly Skincare1
Bee Friendly
 Body Merry
Body Merry
 Bright Path Collection1
Bright Path
 Era Organics
Era Organics
 Niara Beauty
Niara Beauty
 Pure Biology
Pure Biology
 THENA Natural Wellness1
THENA Natural
TruSkin Naturals
 Visio Elan
Visio Elan



So, what’s on your mind now? Are you still thinking about your best drugstore face moisturizer cream for this winter? Wait no more. Get one from above and gives freedom to your skin from dullness and dryness.

But is this all you need this winter? Nope. You need to take care of your eyes as well. Most of the girls suffer dark circles under their eyes. For them, we have made another top list and the article will be worth it for you we guarantee. You can check the list of best eye creams for dark circles and buy this from Amazon with the lowest price available.

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